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Class Descriptions

ARTbody Techniques

ARTbody Techniques

45 Minutes
The foundation of ARTbody! A unique approach to fitness specifically designed for women in midlife.

Therapeutically approved movements are borne from 30+ years of experience in caring and understanding the uniqueness of the female body. Focus and attention are paid to posture, positioning and form, giving you better results and a more balanced body!

Benefits include:  Total body workouts in only 45 minutes • Complete core conditioning • Focus on posture & balance • Creative workouts with excellent coaching cues

ARTbody Ball

30 Minutes
Using a large stability ball, we will focus on your core muscles (abs, back & glutes), while simultaneously improving your balance, coordination, and posture. In order to perform exercises with a stability ball, you have to engage and isolate several muscles that aren’t typically used in bodyweight exercises. It’s a great addition to your overall fitness program.

ARTbody Ball

Benefits include:  Increase in upper and lower back mobility and strength • Better abdominal strength and core control • Increase in balance and stability • Improved posture

ARTbody Breathe

ARTbody Breathe & Bend

30 Minutes
Take time to restore, rejuvenate, and connect to your body. Calm your mind as we open, align, and improve the way you move. You will learn ways to release tight muscles and turn inward with focused breathing. You will leave feeling rested and relaxed. All fitness levels are welcome. No experience necessary.

Benefits include: Greater sense of mental clarity • Improved sleep • More efficient digestion • Improved immune response • Reduced stress levels


15 Minutes
This is a metabolism-boosting high intensity interval training workout. The class is fast-paced, and it incorporates full body movements to elevate your heart rate. Each move is followed by a short rest period in order to recover. You will be encouraged to work at your maximum intensity. Best suited for intermediate to advanced exercisers. This class is great to do right after your 45-minute ARTbody Techniques class!

ARTbody Boost

Benefits include: Helps stave off dementia as you age • Your body continues to burn calories for hours after this workout • Improves oxygen consumption • Reduces blood sugar, heart rate, and blood pressure • Increases fat loss • Strengthens and tones your muscles

Angela Renee

Private Sessions with Angela Renee

45 Minutes
“Given my years of experience, I will offer knowledge and coaching to help you move correctly, efficiently, and safely; this will maximize your results. I will educate you on all aspects of health, fitness, and exercise. Having a proper understanding of what is required for you to reach your goals is incredibly empowering. Allow me to be your workout partner and help you get the most out of your sessions.”

Benefits include: One-on-one attention helps you to stay motivated and accountable • Workouts are customized to help you reach your goals • Angela is known for her innovative at-home workouts

Let's get you moving and feeling great!