Primal Health Coach

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“I am very excited to be the first Certified Primal Health Coach on the North Shore! As your health and accountability coach, I will provide education, encouragement, and help keep you on target to meet your goals and transform your life. During our journey together, I will be there to listen, to educate, to empower, and to support!”

~ Angela Renee


  • You can affect your general health and longevity!
  • Get help creating measurable and actionable health and lifestyle goals.
  • Primal Health is a catalyst for behavioral change with lasting results.

Primal Health Coach

The Primal Health nutrition, fitness and lifestyle behavior program has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and counting. The approach is based on continually updated scientific findings and emphasizes tasty food, occasional indulgences, your environment, moderate and accessible physical activity, plus stress reduction.

Expect more stability with your mood, concentration, hunger, appetite and energy level. Discover what you are consuming that promotes inflammation and free radical damage, accelerates the aging process, and contributes to health problems. Gene switches turn on or off according to signals received from their environment. You can manipulate and optimize gene expression through foods and lifestyle behaviors.

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The Primal Health model supports our innate genetic blueprint with real food, low-carb eating, inspired movement (and play!), effective stress reduction and meaningful balance in all aspects of life. The result is a reasonable plan that leaves plenty of room for individual design and preference.

Primal Health Coaching is the only ancestral wellness coaching program available. Primal Is No Passing Fad. Grounded in Evolutionary Science. Validated by Research. The Primal Health Coach approach is based on always up-to-date scientific findings.

There are multiple future possible versions of you.
It’s up to you to decide
which version you will become.

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