The ARTbody Approach

ARTbody is a unique and results-oriented fitness program because it combines:

  • education that is responsible, current, progressive and safe
  • posture awareness and improved balance
  • complete core conditioning
  • a variety of exercises that work the body in all directions
  • personal attention in Virtual Live Classes

Angela likes getting to know you, and determining the best way to get you more fit and feeling good! Within each session, clients progress from foundational to more advanced moves. During these progressive workouts, Angela gives you the option to dial it up or dial it back based on how your body is feeling in any given week. What is considered challenging varies from person to person. As a result, workouts are tailored to your fitness level and the needs of the individual.

We want everyone to work hard and get results, but in a safe and responsible way. Getting injured is less likely in progressive workouts, which makes this approach fantastic for women in midlife.

Angela Renee’s techniques are not based on the latest fad, trend, or set approach. The exercises have been analyzed for effectiveness and safety, and have been therapeutically approved. Focus and attention are paid to posture, positioning, and form. Angela Renee’s workouts for women are about creating an overall symmetrical body that is strong, fit, and flexible. We recommend you take two or three classes per week, giving you a solid fitness foundation.

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From Angela Renee

“I have been passionate about movement all my life. For more than 30 years, I have watched the fitness trends come and go. I know what works to help women reach their potential.”

“The therapeutically approved movements are borne from years of caring and understanding the uniqueness of the female body.” 

—Angela Renee, Creator & Director, ARTbody

About Angela

Angela Renee’s 20+ years in the fitness industry include:

  • “NBC Today Show” in New York: Fitness Contributor
  • “WGN Morning News” in Chicago: Fitness Contributor
  • Personal Trainer, Fitness Consultant, Fitness Business Owner, Dancer and Dance Instructor
  • Creator of videos: “30-Minute Hotel Room Workout” and “Training in the Park Workout”
Angela Renee video clips

Angela Renee’s fitness programs have been featured in:

USA Today . Shape . Allure . Self . Walking . Fit
Pregnancy Magazine . The Chicago Tribune Newspapers nationwide


Let's get you moving and feeling great!